Travelin’ Notes

29 January 2010

One of my favorite things to do is to travel.  I like traveling abroad, I travel for work and for school, I even take a wrong turn intentionally sometimes to travel around other neighborhoods near my home.  And my navigational skills are such that I often take wrong turns unintentionally, too.  So I have lots of opportunities to feel like I do not know exactly where I am or which steps to take next.  I like the way it feels to be rushed into the moment per setravel, with mundane questions such as ‘am I traveling in a direction that takes me ultimately where I would like to be?’  What I mean by “rushed into the moment” is that at that moment, the moment of making a decision while traveling, many other things to think about fall away and I am stuck in the primacy of staring up at a street sign, or walking down a corridor in a train station.  All the meaning of life questions, urgent priorities, mistakes and regrets, aspirations and plans take a back seat to the immediate need of determining a next move.  That is what I like about traveling. continue reading »

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